January 20, 2009

Creative And E-Mail: When Did We Stop Caring?

Look at the right foot of the male in this e-mail marketing message ... it is not touching the platform he is standing on.

Honestly, I am no better. I have typos and grammar errors on my blog, all the time. We fail the customer when we're sloppy.


  1. Anonymous6:29 AM

    I think we stopped caring, when an A/B test did show us it doesn't matter.

    I have seen (and sent) worse as timing is more important than look of the email.

    "Leave it and get it out" springs to mind.

  2. Anonymous7:57 AM


    Come on! Whilst I would agree that the picture doesn't look real (I probably wouldn't have noticed it if you didn't point a small flaw), I'm not sure I agree with you that the foot isn't touching the platform. In fact, if he was leaning forward then the back part of his shoe may well be slightly in the air.

    Anyway, I would agree with you that attention to detail is extremely important which I guess is the point of this post.

    Love your post.


  3. Anonymous6:18 AM

    I agree that email creatives can be sloppy at times and this does NOT look real. However I think his foot is touching...it's a curved canoe and the ball of his foot is touching.

    Mountains of molehills.

    Let's move on to your other posts...which I read and enjoy regularly!

  4. Anonymous12:18 PM

    This was an actual photo.

  5. I'll assume you are a Lands' End employee, and I will assume I am wrong.

    It just looks odd, and there are no shadows on what appears to be a mostly sunny day.

  6. Here is some footage from the shoot:


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