January 21, 2009

What Is Important To Us?

It turns out that I created a unique lab experiment this week.

I wrote three articles that have varying levels of importance.
Based on RSS readership stats, site stats, clicks, and comments, here is the rank-ordering of what you interacted with.
  1. Simple Attention To Detail: Creative And E-Mail, When Did We Stop Caring?
  2. Profit Importance: Zip Code Forensics, Version 2 Is Free And Now Available.
  3. Strategic Importance And Profit Importance: The End Of An Era In Catalog Marketing.
Regarding e-mail, you loved clicking through the link, you wanted to see what I was talking about. Then you told me to get back on topic, you defended the notion that the foot did touch, you defended the artificial match of images via software --- a match creating a false version of reality, and you stated that this won't impact sales at all. You interacted with the article, you thought about the implications, you formulated opinions, and you openly criticized me.

When given an opportunity to learn about a free way to make your business more money. you interacted much less with the content. Who wants to ignore making additional profit at no cost? Apparently a lot of us!

And when offered the opportunity to consider one of the most important strategic topics of our time in catalog marketing, we were completely silent. Why?

What is important to us? Explain this inverse relationship by leaving a comment below.

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