December 09, 2008

Thomas Friedman On Cataloging

"... our bailout of Detroit will be remembered as the equivalent of pouring billions of dollars of taxpayer money into the mail-order-catalogue business on the eve of the birth of eBay".

Thomas L. Friedman. NY Times Op-Ed Piece "While Detroit Slept", December 9, 2008.

Our government will toss Detroit billions. Yet our government hammered us in 2007 by dramatically increasing postage (the opposite of a bailout).

It's funny ... nobody cares when the Circulation Manager at Red Envelope loses a job ... no bailout for this poor sap. And our industry stands up to our responsibility ...
heck, many of us partner with a business that is just plain mean and condescending to us publicly. We're taking catalogs out of the mail at a rapid rate (take that USPS), moving our businesses online. We're evolving. We don't need no stinkin' bailout!

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