December 09, 2008

Lost Your Job? Worried About Your Job? Co-Workers Lost Their Job?

If you've recently lost your job, had to let people go due to the economy, or survived while co-workers were let go, please leave an anonymous comment (or privately e-mail me), offering the following information:
  • Job titles of the positions that were eliminated. I'm looking for the job titles and stories from individuals who follow this blog, including Executive Management, Catalog Circulation, E-Mail Marketing, Online Marketing, Web Analytics, Business Intelligence, SAS/SPSS Programmer, Statistician, Social Media.
  • Any information you wish to share regarding the circumstances of the job eliminations.
  • What type of job/company/geography are you looking for? Maybe there is a way that the MineThatData community can help, or I can help?
I'm considering a study of the job reductions caused by "The Great Implosion" (named because this seems worse than a recession and better than a depression), so any help you can offer would be appreciated.

Given that a third of recent visitors are coming from Twitter and Facebook, let's demonstrate the power of social networks by spreading the word (here's the post URL), and see if we can all learn something about job loss during The Great Implosion. If we get a good response, I will publish comments, e-mails, and findings in a separate series of posts.

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  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    database marketing manager, pricing manager


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