November 25, 2008

Lands' End E-Mail Marketing Contact Strategy

I am frequently asked what the "right" level of e-mail integration coupled with contact strategy should be. Maybe you can take a peek Lands' End and their actual e-mail strategy into my e-mail inbox (I'm guessing they have multiple versions of e-mail campaigns, and even send them to different customers on different days), and decide for yourself. Is this good strategy? Or would you do something different?

October 15 =
Free Shipping ends today - shop the latest for Men

October 16 = $10 off Men's Sport Shirts: flannel, denim & more.

October 18 = Lands' End Shop @ Sears: ready for cold & snow head to toe.

October 20 = Boo who? Whoever misses the Free Shipping deadline.

October 23 = FREE SHIPPING (hurry) - Warm up & save on fleece blankets.

October 25 = Free Shipping, 2 days left & mix-match-men's savings.

October 27 = Free Shipping, last chance, all orders - click or treat!

October 30 = $10 off select outerwear - like these four favorites.

November 3 = Last day of Free Shipping! Plus, save on Kids' Squalls

November 7 = Free Shipping kicks off holiday shopping.

November 8 = Men's fall savings - subscribers get first click.

November 11 = Last day: Free Shipping to kick off holiday shopping

November 13 = Free Shipping ends soon. Men's No Iron Chinos, $29.50

November 15 = Hurry for Free Shipping & Men's in-season Overstocks

November 17 = Free Shipping ends today! Plus $50 off Lighthouse Luggage

November 19 = Free Shipping now - Outerwear Headquarters & more

November 22 = Hurry for Free Shipping! Save on Turtlenecks.

November 24 = What did St. Nick Pick? Shop today's amazing value

November 25 = Last day! Free Shipping sitewide

November 26 = FREE SHIPPING: Extra gravy for Thanksgiving Weekend (added 11/26 7:24am PST).

November 26 = Happy Thanksgiving - help us say thanks to military families. (added 11/27 5:27pm PST).

November 27 = FREE SHIPPING + 25% off Sherpa Fleece today only (added 11/27 5:28pm PST).

November 28 = Free Shipping + 25% off No Iron Dress Shirts; $10 off, just $29.50 - St. Nick Pick (added 11/28 12:14pm).

November 29 = Free Shipping + 25% off Kids' Squall Parkas - save $20 today, now $49.50. (added 11/29 9:45am).

November 30 = FREE SHIPPING + Up to 30% off Windfall Squall jackets: save $20 - $40. St. Nick's Pick! (added 11/30 9:40am).

December 1 = WOW! FREE SHIPPING + 35% off our famous Down Vest. $19 today only!

December 2 = FREE SHIPPING + 30% off Weatherly Jackets: $39.50 today only

December 3 = Last Day for Free Shipping! Any size order.


  1. Seems like every 3rd emails is a Free Shipping ends today email. I can't believe this is good for trust building. It's like a permanent Going Out of Business sign in the window - pretty soon it is expected.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. great post.

    LE is a great company, and I am a longtime LE customer, both individual and LE biz outfitters.


    if you encountered a person (vs. a brand) gibbering like this, with this frequency, and this recurring obsession on making sure the listener knows about free shipping, heck, you'd wonder if that person had just been released from a mental health institution.

    going beyond LE's email approach: why can't brands speak like people? why don't they?



    PS did you hear LE is/was offering free shipping?

  4. Anonymous5:36 AM


    Were you opening these emails? Wondering if they have business rules around using the same offer (in this case free shipping)in new communications if someone appears to have responded to it? Not justifying...just curious.

    A little surprised that there is only one gift giving suggestion email after the 7 Nov holiday season announcement.

    Had you purchased something from LE for someone other than yourself? Every email except one appears to target men.

  5. All e-mails were read in my Outlook preview window, and then were moved into my Lands' End e-mail contact strategy folder.

    I agree that LE has been a great company, my favorite of all the companies I've worked for.

    Sometimes, we just need to re-organize our work in order to see it differently --- in this case, simply reading the headers in succession tells an interesting tale!


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