November 15, 2008


Going into 2009, we have an opportunity to view marketing differently.

This is Indianapolis. It's a "green" market, meaning the good folks of this area prefer e-commerce, especially those north of the city.

Industry experts suggest that customers want a seamless experience across channels. And that might be the best thing to do.

It might be worth considering what you do with a retail customer living in on the southwest side of town. This is an area that is not responsive to direct marketing. If you're marketing to a small audience on this side of town, direct marketing might not be the most effective way to get a message out to the customer.

That's where the secret sauce comes in. Our future is bright when we look at each channel as a customized tool, tailored to the individual.

In other words, we can offer six marketing channels to one customer, or we can offer a unique marketing approach to six customers. Long-term, the latter makes sense, an approach we'll adapt to over time.

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