November 28, 2008

How About A Few More B2B Volunteers For Zip Code Forensics?!

We're still looking for a few more volunteers for the B2B version of Zip Code Forensics.

Thanks to all of you who volunteered data during the past week, I hope you enjoy using your own custom-built model in the weeks prior to the development of the official B2B model.

We also received word from one of our volunteers that the model performed 20% better than a control group, in actual testing --- and performed essentially the same as co-op models (better in terms of profit due to the fact that Zip Code Forensics is free).

For your viewing pleasure, I present you with the B2C version of Zip Code Forensics, illustrating the Charlotte, NC area. This is an e-commerce dominated area, with significant pockets of high-potential customers in the Lake Norman / I-77 corridor, and south of the city. Unlike most cities, Charlotte has good performing e-commerce zips in the central city area.

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