August 28, 2008

Online Testing

You think technology is new. Then online folks have debates that I recall having with scientists in 1988 at the Garst Seed Company in Slater, IA. And I thought those debates were interesting ... but they were the same debates that Snedecor and Cochran probably had in 1937 when they wrote the book on testing.

In some ways, Social Media is a reinvention of the telephone party lines we used to enjoy, or the pen pals folks used to write to. We think we keep discovering --- in many ways, we discover what folks already knew a long, long time ago.

Online testing is a good thing. Using technology invented just after the Great Depression is also good!


  1. Anonymous5:38 PM

    So true. Just because it is new to us or someone using interactive media does not necessarily mean that the concept was not discovered long ago.

    Our ignorance makes everything seem new.

    Thanks for the thoughts in this post.

  2. It's good folks are thinking about methods developed seventy years ago!


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