August 27, 2008

Northern MIchigan: Micro-Channels

Northern Michigan is vacation country. Sure, you could go to the Upper Peninsula and enjoy a pasty, but why travel an additional two hours when all that beauty is just a few hours away?

Vacation country is a bit different than, say, midtown Manhattan. You're less likely to find a house with 1,500kbps broadband internet access. Heck, you might find a home with a rotary phone ... or two!

You can tell businesses that they must have a Twitter presence. Or that they must advertise on MySpace or Facebook. You can clobber the luddites who still promote traditional strategies.

Traditional strategies work well in Northern Michigan.

Northern Michigan is a place where folks still watch network television, and read newspapers. There are actual disk jockeys in Northern Michigan, as opposed to the national wave of Jack-FM stations.

Segment customers who live in Northern Michigan separate from other customers. Treat them differently. The catalog IS the store for these customers. Social Media micro-channels aren't likely to resonate, as a whole, though they may resonate with a subset of customers. You'll use Zip Code Forensics to do this --- or, you can create your own zip code segmentation strategy. Either way, you'll benefit, and your customers will benefit.

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