June 26, 2008

Paid Search And Catalogs

So many of my Multichannel Forensics projects now include both referring URL information and catalog / e-mail promotional history.

When you have this type of information, you quickly notice that customers blend advertising strategies into a slurry of confusion that results in the same purchase the customer used to place with you fifteen years ago.

This caused our industry to dive head first into matchback analytics. We try so hard to allocate every order that happened in the past.

It might be time to view the future.

In other words, we can measure past relationships, modeling them to see what a customer might do in the future.

For instance, I notice that some customers use paid search and catalogs as a combined effort, then use paid search and e-mail as a combined effort, then use paid search, then simply purchase without the benefit of any advertising.

Identify these customers, mail fewer catalogs to them, and focus ad spend on customers who require various forms of marketing to place orders.

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