June 28, 2008

Does This Work?

You are sitting in your cubicle or lushly furnished corner office. Marty from the mail room delivers your daily dose of good news, courtesy of the post office.

This postcard is in the stack.

Do you turn the postcard over to learn more about the marketing message, or do you toss this in the garbage can?

Is there a "right" way to execute B2B postcard marketing?

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  1. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Sometimes these campaigns work to capture attention and while that doesn't necessarily convert to a sale, it may as person tells friends and colleagues which gets brand recognition. One of the best in my opinion was a postal tube I received about 4 years ago---tube is attention getter. I opened it up to a poster of a cherry red porsche on a highway with my name in the license plate. It was from a software company(I am guessing you want name left out) and my colleagues got a kick seeing that hanging on my bulletin board.
    Of course the irony is that we already used the ERP system the poster was pushing however the poster was a "conversation" piece for other consultants I worked with who were more familiar with the ERP's competitors.
    Postcards I have to agree I tend to scan more frequently then envelopes, but the one you showed isn't going to grab my attention unless your point is that this was targeted to a fisherman. Tailoring is a different conversation that could include email--depending on level of information on your customers you could crossmarket---for example from Norstroms website--a woman who ordered Frank Sinatra cd of "Nothing but the best", would receive email for perfume or clothing with "way you look tonight" or "bewitched" playing in background. I digress.
    "RIGHT WAY"? Just like anything, the more creative effort the better the effect.
    I am sure everyone can chime in with a "best postcard/mailing" story. What's yours?



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