May 02, 2008

Multichannel Strategy: The Rural Customer

You manage a brand with three traditional channels (phone, web, stores).

Today, you meet to decide your strategy for customers who live in rural areas.

Here's what you know about your rural customers.
  • They purchase about two times per year.
  • They do not purchase in your stores, because they live more than a hundred miles from their closest store.
  • They are unlikely to purchase using your e-commerce channel.
  • The average age of the customer is 57 years old.
  • About a third of these customers volunteered an e-mail address to you. The e-mail address typically has a cable internet service provider suffix.
  • The merchandise these customers purchase is more conservative than your average e-commerce customer, much more conservative than your average store customer.
If you were building your marketing plan from scratch, not doing the four drops and eight remails you've executed for the past fifteen years, not doing the two e-mail blasts per week you've typically executed, not doing the retail direct mail campaigns you've executed for twenty years, describe the marketing plan you'd employ for this customer segment.

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