May 04, 2008

Best Answer: E-Mail Analytics Challenge

One hundred twenty one of you attempted The MineThatData E-Mail Analytics And Data Mining Challenge. Kudos to all who investigated a potential solution! If you want to try a solution, download the dataset here.

No solutions were submitted from the e-mail blogging community, or the e-mail vendor community. Considering that a quarter of our audience represents the e-mail marketing community (including readers from all major US-based e-mail marketing vendors), I was disappointed that thought leadership failed to emerge from this audience.

The winning solution from the academic and data mining community was submitted by Nicolas Radcliffe of Stochastic Solutions. Mr. Radcliffe also hosts a blog, discussing the advantages of his methodology, called Uplift Modeling.

His paper is titled, "Hillstrom's MineThatData Email Analytics Challenge: An Approach Using Uplift Modeling".

A copy of "Hillstrom's Multichannel Forensics" will be sent to Mr. Radcliffe. Congrats to Mr. Radcliffe on his winning entry!

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  1. Nick Radcliffe has a brain the size of a planet!


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