February 06, 2008

Need A Multichannel Database Marketer? Macy's Just Fired A Boatload Of Folks

2,300 white collar jobs is ... substantial.


  1. Anonymous1:15 AM

    Macy's has strived the most in the last 2 years to be THE multichannel industry. They merged with MAYCO to create a huge national chain under one name(destroying legacy of several regional names in process), mailed catalogs, a magazine called M, $100 million on a national advertising campaign featuring celebs as diverse as Usher, Jessica Simpson and Donald Trump, a brand new facility and focus on their website, and concentrated on a few select "exclusive" brands.
    Sounds like the right formula?
    In your opinion, Kevin,(and your readers) what went wrong and how would you correct?

  2. I won't speak for Macy's, because history may prove them right. Five years ago, pundits said department stores were dead ... I worked at a department store, 50,000 of my co-workers proved a handful of pundits wrong.

    All I will say is that booksmarts and best practices do not equal multichannel brilliance.


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