October 05, 2007


In addition to bringing Multichannel Forensics to the world, I have a volunteer job, helping individuals at a nearby nursing home.

This week I received a call about "George" (real name withheld). This individual was a hard working contributor to society, until a stroke disabled the fifty year old earlier this year.

Our system of care placed him in a nursing home thirty miles from his home town. His friends don't visit him. His family doesn't visit him. He lost his job (he worked for a health care provider, ironically). He lost his apartment. He's not getting the rehab he needs to improve. Most of the residents living in the facility are thirty years older than he is.

George simply wants rehab, so that he has the chance to get better, and work again. He didn't take a sick day in twenty-five years. He feels a sense of desperation.

Fast forward to the place where you work. How often do we fail to give our employees what they need, failing to give them a chance to do good work?

Today, I'm speaking to the "Georges" of the direct marketing and analytics world, the folks who make things happen, the folks who are not in a position of leadership.

You know what it is like to be "George". You have specific career needs, but "the system" doesn't give you what you need.

Pay close attention to the styles of leadership you see all around you. You have Managers, Directors, Divisional Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Sr. Vice Presidents, Executive Vice Presidents, Chief "X' Officers, Presidents, Chief Executive Officers, and Board Members, all illustrating the things we admire in leaders.

They also make honest mistakes.

Some go on ego-based missions that use people like "George" to benefit the needs of the leader (and possibly the shareholder).

Take mental note of everything you see, good and bad. You will get your chance to lead.

And when you get that chance, remember to serve people like "George". Make a difference in your little corner of the world.

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