Being Guy Kawasaki , For Just One Day

Guy Kawasaki authors a popular blog. A very popular blog. On an average day, he might pull in 8,000 visitors (not counting RSS readers). On a good day, maybe 130,000 visitors.

I host a niche blog with a loyal but comparatively small audience. On an average day, I might attract 100 visitors (not counting RSS readers). On a good day, maybe 200 visitors. Since starting this blog, 12,500 total visitors (not counting RSS readers).

So imagine my surprise when I view my site stats today, and instead of seeing 94 visitors, I see 9,400 visitors?

A Reddit user was kind enough to post yesterday's article about the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 Rule on Reddit. At 6:30am, I had 11 visitors. When I got home from work, 7,500 visitors. At 9:29pm, 9,400 visitors.

At it's peak, the post was in the top nine on Reddit, and in the top nine on the 'popular' page of

Ten months of hosting this blog --- over 200 posts. Today, 40% of my annual audience visited. Thank you nloadholtes for your kindness!