December 06, 2006

Casey Kasem's American Top 40

If you subscribe to DirecTV, you probably receive several music channels from XM Satellite Radio. Each Wednesday evening at 7:00pm PDT, on Channel 804, they replay an old episode of Casey Kasum's American Top 40. Tonight, they are playing the forty biggest hits from December, 1979, including the long-distance dedications.

The diversity of the artists is surprising. From Kenny Rogers to John "Cougar", Prince to Kenny Loggins, Isaac Hayes to Fleetwood Mac, Andy Gibb to "M", country music to disco, a lot of ground is covered during the airing of forty songs.

Interesting fact: I can record any television show I want, and burn it onto a DVD, using my HD-DVR. I can rewind, pause, fast forward as well. When it comes to the music channels, no-go, those functions are disabled. I can make a copy of the movie "Titanic", but I cannot make a copy of The Eagles "Heartache Tonight", which dived eleven notches to number twenty in the countdown.

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