December 08, 2006

American Girl and Molly's Blog: A Great Example of Customer Engagement

American Girl is a respected multichannel retailer, with stores, catalogs and a website.

American Girl customers can purchase a doll named Molly McIntire. Molly was conceived in books, and moved onto the big screen. To support these mediums, American Girl publishes a blog about Molly.

Look at the engagement Molly's fans have with American Girl. The post from December 4, entitled "Plan The Next Movie", encouraged 374 comments in just three days. American Girl gets free advice from their most avid fans, advice that helps shape future marketing activities. What a spectacular way to solicit feedback!

I'd give American Girl an A+ for finding unique ways to have a conversation with customers. Are you aware of any other companies that achieve this level of engagement with customers?

P.S.: I'd love to measure how this blog impacts e-commerce.

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