November 29, 2006

An Example Of An E-Commerce Site That Has A Human Feel

Earlier this week, I asked "What Is Wrong With E-Commerce". A nice person named Thomas Holmes (check out his site) had a thoughtful response to my discussion, and better yet, forwarded a site that has more of a "human" feel to it. Check out Little Paper Planes.

This site is neat! Really neat! It isn't a cookie-cutter site. On the top of the page, there's a discussion about holiday orders, with an actual e-mail address that the visitor can contact.

Notice on the left side of the page there's an actual blog-style discussion from an actual human being. The site offers e-mail signup and access to their RSS feed (which I just subscribed to).

In spite of these little innovations that give a human feel to the site, the proprietor still does a lot of selling on the homepage. I would classify this site as a "hybrid website".

Now it's your turn. Let's use this forum to share with each other examples of e-commerce websites that do a great job of balancing selling with offering a "human" feeling to the cold process of online shopping. Are there sites you visit that meet this criteria?

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