June 20, 2024

Do You Want To See What You Are Interested In?

The stats below represent data through about Noon Pacific Time on Thursday.

Ok, I wrote about the E-Commerce Priority Grid (click here). There were a whole bunch of links in the post ... I put the links in there to measure what you are interested in. There is what I want you to be interested in, there is what you are actually interested in. Those things don't always align, and it causes me to be flummoxed when you aren't interested in something central to the plot.

Here are the number of actual clicks ... actual clicks in this post are about 1/3rd of normal, and that fact alone causes me sadness.

  • 38 Clicks on the Actual E-Commerce Priority Grid.
  • 33 Clicks on AliExpress.
  • 27 Clicks on Temu.
  • 38 Clicks on The North Face.
  • 0 Clicks on Lume.
  • 58 Clicks on In The Company of Dogs.

This was my expectation.

  • 20 Clicks on the Actual E-Commerce Priority Grid.
  • 100 Clicks on AliExpress.
  • 100 Clicks on Temu.
  • 20 Clicks on The North Face.
  • 150 Clicks on Lume.
  • 50 Clicks on In The Company of Dogs.

The point of the article was to get you to think about AliExpress / Temu / Lume. I mean, Lume went from $0 to $100,000,000 in seven years. Do you want to grow at that rate?

Your preferred path was In The Company of Dogs / The North Face.


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