June 23, 2024

An Example of Hopping on to Chat With Your Community

Do you have a community?

Do you have one off-platform?

Here's an example of a Sennheiser product manager hopping on Reddit to chat with his community. It went well (click here).

Every one of you has a product manager / marketer / merchant who would love to have individual communications with your community. What stops you from doing what Sennheiser did here?

P.S.: I share this stuff because the number one complaint I get from readers is that marketing channels are now too expensive and unreliable. Agreed. So work around them. Invest in alternate methods today so you aren't dependent upon high cost channels tomorrow.

P.P.S.:  They also have 140,000 followers on YouTube and have a nice series called "Beyond the Curve" (click here). You are a media company ... start acting like one.

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