May 06, 2024

Special Offer For Readers: An Amazon / PLA / Search / Paid Social Customer/Product Evaluation

Yesterday's posting about where the catalog industry has been and where it's likely to head was about as popular as anything I've written in the past three years (click here). Yes, a little LinkedIn promotion didn't hurt.

Non-vendors have a very different set of questions/comments from what the service provider community has to say. Non-vendors want to know about the customers who buy from digital channels and the products purchased from digital channels ... specifically, "are the products purchased in, say, paid social, different than the projects purchased through print"? Yeah, that's a good question, because it speaks to how a brand might merchandise a "future world". Good question, smart readers!

Let's do something, given what is happening to so many of you right now, and what so many of you are asking about.

I'll create a new product just for my readers (that's you), people who have been loyal for as long as nearly twenty years now ... and offer it at a highly significant discount for a short period of time to help you out. I won't publish it on my pricing page, it's something just for you.

I will produce a special analysis of customers who shop what I'll call "alternate channels" ... channels that are not really within your control or who buy from email marketing.

  • Amazon.
  • Other Marketplaces.
  • PLA Customers.
  • Search Customers.
  • Paid Social Customers.
  • Email Marketing Buyers.

I will measure how much "less loyal" these customers are, moving forward.

More importantly, I will evaluate the products these customers purchase, comparing them to your core e-commerce shopper or email buyer. In most of my projects, these customers buy "something different" and it impacts how these customers behave in the future when you present them with your full assortment. This will include a portion of my Merchandise Dynamics work ($15,000).

Finally, I will take a modest slice of my Marketing Budget Experiments work ($20,000) to see how these customers evolve and change over time compared to your core buyer.

As long as you respond by May 24, I will only charge you $9,900 for this analysis. If we have demand, I will build this into a full-fledged project, potentially including a new booklet to pair with the project. And yes, if it becomes a full-fledged project, it's going to cost close to double what I'm offering here. 

So act, now.

You have until May 24 to take me up on this $9,900 offer. Click here for other projects and file layouts. Contact me immediately ( / 206-853-8278) and secure your spot before my bandwidth is consumed, because I expect this offer to be VERY POPULAR given what you're all telling me right now. My legacy clients simply cannot sustain the paper / printing / postage inflation they've experienced in recent years, going forward.

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