May 12, 2024

Doing The Opposite

A while back, I was on a call with an Executive who wanted to keep all sales data private ... including when items were sold out. "Nobody needs to know that".

Here's an opposite approach ... showing the customer what the best-selling items are, proudly displaying that items are sold out (creating FOMO).

If you are stuck in a circumstance where you have to pay third parties tolls to draw customers to your website, consider doing the opposite. Here, we see the best sellers (now you know what everybody else is buying), and they're demanding that you act right now or one of the best sellers will be sold out and you won't get it.

Marketing has been going through a quiet revolution since 2014. Behind the scenes, business leaders are quietly doing the opposite of what you're told to do. When I probe my e-commerce clients who are successful about their tactics, I'm here to tell you, they're doing things differently ... in some cases, they're doing the opposite.

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