April 03, 2024

Yeah, I've Been Busy

Plenty of work right now, and the Southwest Regional Pickleball Championships are happening in Mesa this week ... win your bracket and you earn a trip to Nationals. It's an event here in Arizona / New Mexico that you can't miss if you are a pickleball player ... more than 1,250 players are striving this week for an opportunity to advance to Nationals.

I ask this frequently ... but do you have an event (no, Cyber Monday is a confection, not an event that benefits you in any tangible way) that is all yours, that is so important that your customer must participate or feel significant FOMO?

If the answer to that question "no" or "well, Christmas is a big deal", then you know what your job is for the rest of the year ... it's time to create an event worthy of FOMO.

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