March 19, 2024

Paid Search Usage by Life Stage

We can look at merchandise, we can also look at Marketing Channels. Here is the percentage of demand spent via Paid Search by customer life stage.

  • 1x Buyers = 25% via Paid Search.
  • 2x Buyers = 21% via Paid Search.
  • 3x Buyers = 21% via Paid Search.
  • 4x Buyers = 21% via Paid Search.
  • 5x Buyers = 21% via Paid Search.
  • 6x - 7x Buyers = 20% via Paid Search.
  • 8x - 10x Buyers = 20% via Paid Search.
  • 11x - 15x Buyers = 18% via Paid Search.
  • 16x+ Buyers = 17% via Paid Search.

What this brand sees is not what I am used to seeing. It is common for the paid search (or PLA) rate to go from 25% in a first order to 3% among loyal buyers. This brand, however, has problems. The most loyal buyers are still comparison shopping. You'd think that by the time the customer got to a 16th order the customer wouldn't need to get to a 17th order with the help of Google.

But here we are, regardless.

This usually represents a marketing strategy issue. The customer doesn't necessarily trust the brand ... why else would the customer be comparison shopping / searching?

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