March 18, 2024

Items That Appear In Multi-Item Orders

In a typical Life Stage Analysis within a Merchandise Dynamics project, it is common to see exaggerated trends when comparing first-time buyers to loyal buyers.

I code every order in the database to see whether the order had multiple items (I call this MUL or "multiple lines") and/or had multiple categories (I call this MUC) in the order.

Let's look at MUC, or multiple categories, by life stage.

  • 1x Buyers = 18% of spend tied to orders with multiple categories in the order.
  • 2x Buyers = 26%.
  • 3x Buyers = 29%.
  • 4x Buyers = 32%.
  • 5x Buyers = 32%.
  • 6x - 7x Buyers = 32%.
  • 8x - 10x Buyers = 34%.
  • 11x - 15x Buyers = 38%.
  • 16x+ Buyers = 39%.

Interestingly, 1x buyers purchase 1.95 items in a first order ... 16x+ buyers purchase 2.53 items per order. So there is some difference. Also interesting? 1x buyers purchase $54.60 items in a first order, 16x+ buyers purchase $44.69 items in their loyalty-based orders.

In other words, first-time buyers are focused on what they are looking for ... loyal buyers are grazing from a larger assortment.

Use those facts in your marketing efforts, peeps. 

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