February 04, 2024

Diminishing Returns

I am strongly leaning toward creating something regarding Diminishing Returns as a marketing/business concept. Might be a booklet, might be a video series, gonna be something.

This is one of those concepts that is popular but largely unprofitable for somebody like me:

  1. The concept is not well understood.
  2. The concept, when explained, becomes quite popular.
  3. The concept is terribly difficult to monetize in spite of the importance of the concept. In other words, I could have 100 inquiries about the concept and when I say that it would cost $5,000 for me to develop a solution for a client, I'll get zero (0) new projects as a consequence.

If you think a booklet or video series makes sense, let me know (kevinh@minethatdata.com).

If you think some sort of project offering makes sense, let me know and let me know what you think a fair price is for a project offering where I figure out your "diminishing returns" relationship.

Seem fair?

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