February 01, 2024

Aligning With The Business

Like this.

What happens is you become an overexposed technology leader, because you are trying to convince people to do things that a third party wants you to do - you don't understand the actual business issues your own company faces and you don't understand the technology a third party is trying to sell you.

It's not just the people reading trade journals for inspiration that fail to align with the business.

About a decade ago I sat in an Executive Boardroom. The marketing SVP was not even invited to the meeting - they brough him in at 2:00pm like a relief pitcher. The marketing SVP said a few things about efficient bidding on keywords, open rates on email campaigns, and the raw power of social media. By 2:30pm he left the room.

That's when the CFO looked at me and said "he has no idea what is going on around here".

I spent a couple of decades trying to do what I thought was right for a business. I should have spent that time trying to do what was right for the business.

Align your efforts with those paying your salary.

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