January 30, 2024


I get a newsletter from a paper brand - one of their featured articles was about retiring Baby Boomers wanting to collect institutional knowledge about their craft so they could pass the knowledge along to future generations.

The intentions are noble.

The outcome will be straight Darwinian Capitalism. The market will change, and the knowledge necessary to manage the change will survive. The very people wanting to preserve the past were the ones who previously threw it away ... tossing the legacy of the 500 page "big book" in favor of small mailings and eventually an integrated omnichannel digital strategy that simply didn't work. Preserving the institutional knowledge of the past is a form of holding on to power after retirement. There is no power after retirement, there's only the peace associated with not having to ever try to hold on to that power again.

Tomorrow, we'll talk about how "brands" manage power.

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