January 29, 2024


The movie is on what is left of the cable bundle about three times per week. I watch it each time it is on. Seriously. As long as there are no other social commitments.

There's always the great job offer segment (four minutes). If you are analytically oriented, it's on the Mount Rushmore of movie moments in the field of analytics: 


The movie is ultimately about institutional knowledge and power. It's really hard to move in a different direction because power does not want you to move in a different direction. For you to move in a different direction, power must shift from where power resides ... to you.

Given where retail layoffs are headed ... given where old-school catalogers are headed (i.e. some are headed toward their exit strategy), power is getting ready to shift.

Those dependent upon your current strategy will resent the coming shift in power.

If you can imagine what your business looks like in 2030 and craft a plan to get from 2024 to 2030, you are well ahead of those who are going to fight over power instead of moving forward.

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