September 07, 2023

They're Telling You To Acquire New Customers In November And December

Yes they are.

A CEO once told me to "catch the fish while they are biting".

What happens if all you catch are guppies?

I've been analyzing these trends since 1990. It isn't always best to catch the fish while they are biting. Sometimes you need to hold out for bigger fish. Here is an example of what four-year future profit looks like for customers acquired by month ... your mileage will vary.

  • $22.94 in January.
  • $24.55 in February.
  • $27.70 in March.
  • $27.47 in April.
  • $27.03 in May.
  • $24.66 in June.
  • $22.81 in July.
  • $23.08 in August.
  • $25.12 in September.
  • $23.37 in October.
  • $19.44 in November.
  • $15.88 in December.

This happens frequently - it's easy to acquire a customer in December ... but the customer doesn't have value. You acquire 30% of your new customers for the year after Thanksgiving, they pay you back poorly, then you wonder why your rebuy rates are so tepid?

It's important to have a holistic customer acquisition program that generates ample new customers every month of the year.

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