September 17, 2023

It's Time ... Again!

Every four months!

And this time we're in the middle of FORECASTING SEASON.

It's time for another run of The MineThatData Elite Program. Existing clients pay $1,000, new clients pay $1,800 for the first run ($1,000 thereafter).

  • Data Through 9/30/2023.
  • Data Received at the MineThatData Global Headquarters by 10/15/2023.
  • Payment Received at the MineThatData Global Headquarters by 10/15/2023.
  • Writeup Delivered by 10/31/2023. #halloween

You will receive my standard suite of metrics and of course there is a mini-forecast in there for you to see how your business is likely to evolve over the next year ... because it is FORECASTING SEASON.

Send me a message ( / 206-853-8278 / @minethatdata) and I'll send you an invoice to get you started. During last year's FORECASTING SEASON, more clients participated in this program than at any point in the prior eight years. Of course, this happened because it was FORECASTING SEASON!

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