May 07, 2023

Last Chance To Get In On The Trial Of Hillstrom's Marketing Budget Experiments!!!

You have until 8:30pm EDT / 5:30pm PDT on Monday (5/8) to communicate interest in participating in my trial of Hillstrom's Marketing Budget Experiments ... earning the right to pay just $12,000 for the project.

Interest has been high - I set a weekly record last week for people clicking on my "Hire Kevin" page. There may be a half-dozen trials based on current interest, likely more after this post is received.

I created a .pdf document outlining the trial ... click here to read the document.

If you cannot commit to the project yet (i.e. you need approval from your Executive Team), then please email me your interest by the deadline above and I will honor trial pricing when you get approval.

After 8:30pm EDT tomorrow, this project will cost $19,900 ... the normal price for this project ... so communicate your interest to me immediately.

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