April 25, 2023

You Want To Acquire The Good Customers, Right?

The brand we've studied this week acquires a lot of customers ... and those customers have differing levels of future twelve-month demand. Take a look ... the graph below shows 4%-tiles of customer quality on the x-axis vs. future twelve-month demand on the y-axis.

There are all sorts of good customers acquired by this brand ... the top 20% of the file delivers customers worth between $69 and $141.

The bottom 20% of the file delivers customers worth between $17 and $28.

You'd want to know which customers end up in the top twenty percent, and which new customers end up in the bottom twenty percent, correct?

All this stuff is straightforward, it gives you plenty of knowledge, and you end up protecting the future health of your business in the process. 

Get to know your new customers, ok?

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