February 23, 2023

Old Man Yells At Cloud

Service Providers / Vendors play an important role in helping my clients achieve high levels of EBITDA (i.e. profit). They are like the maze of third parties that make it possible for Boeing to build an airplane. Take them away, and you don't have an airplane. Really ... really ... important.

When third-parties mess up, airplanes crash.

It is up to Boeing to make sure that third-parties perform at the highest possible level. When a third-party makes consistent mistakes, Boeing finds a new partner.

There are times when vendors make mistakes in our industry. Gonna happen. Unavoidable.

When I bring up the topic of vendor accountability, reader response goes something like this:

Mistakes are going to happen. Work carefully with your partners when consistent and similar mistakes continue. Encourage good performance. Your vendor partners are extensions of your employee base. Treat them as such.

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