December 26, 2022

Treating You Like You Are 11 Years Old

  • "Retailers: It's Time To Move Beyond Outdated Business Models".
  • "Returns Are The New Growth Strategy".
  • "Given supply chain issues, retailers should promote what they know is in stock".

That last sentence comes from Facebook. Like there is a retail professional ... anywhere ... who is gobsmacked by the thought of promoting what is in stock.

I recall attending a conference in the days before COVID - the Vendor Executive who finished a presentation walks over to me and tells me that nobody in the audience was smart enough to understand what he was presenting (he was teaching attribution).

I spent almost my entire career in retail. Yeah, there are some 40 watt bulbs out there. But you are better off assuming your audience is brilliant. If you assume your audience is dull in the squash, maybe you'll write articles and headlines that cause the audience to think you aren't terribly bright.

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