December 04, 2022

Deion Sanders

If you watched football in the 90s, you knew who Deion Sanders was

If you follow college football in the 20s, you know who Deion Sanders is ... the wildly successful coach of Jackson State, and the newly appointed head coach at Colorado.

Now, watch this video ... this is his first seven minutes with his new team at Colorado (click here).

Name one person who promotes the omnichannel thesis in retail, or who promotes catalog marketing ... name one ... who has this level of passion? Name one. I'll wait for your answer.

Is he going to be successful? Who knows?

But he cares.

And nobody, and I mean nobody in our industry, has this level of passion.

We wonder why our industry is a cold, tepid place where we think we're doing good work when we pay Google/Facebook money?

If you find somebody in this industry who cares like he does, follow that person.

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