September 29, 2022

You Were Warned Back In Early Spring / Summer

I told you earlier this year that what is coming in 2023 isn't going to be pretty. I sure hope I am wrong. I maybe have a 35% chance of being wrong. It would be wonderful if I were wrong. Please let me be wrong!

But any analysis of customer data showing the end of the COVID bump paired with Customer Acquisition weakness points toward the information shared via this tweet (click here). Or this tweet (click here).

Use your imagination.

  • Sales in decline post COVID-bump.
  • Customer Acquisition efforts in decline.
  • A year of higher prices deflated customer retention efforts.
  • Over-correction of shipments (i.e. you are ordering less merchandise) from China.
Seriously. Use your imagination. What happens?

Get ahead of this. Have a plan.

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