August 23, 2022

Can I Show You Something?

Can I show you something?

"Engagement" is considered a best practice. Get people to interact with your content.

Last Friday I shared a story with you about an NFL punter who is going to change how punting is viewed. That post generated 155 clicks to the links in the post, and generated zero inquiries about project work.

On Monday/Tuesday, I shared catalog marketing themes (here and here). The posts generated a total of twenty (20) clicks to the tables, generated two (2) business inquiries about project work, and generated five (5) unsubscribes from vendors who presumably were upset that I wasn't giving them enough relevant/digital free information to help their product offering.

Which article was more "engaging"?

Which article was more appropriate for my business?

Now translate this case study to your business.

What do you do that is "engaging" but doesn't cause your customer to purchase?

What do you do that is "boring" but generates business?

Where should your time be spent?

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