April 11, 2022

Carmenere Weekend

In the world of wine, I'd imagine that Carmenere is a "Complementary" category.

It's not something you find easily at your local Safeway. But ... yum!!

Complementary categories support Dominant categories. Your favorite Cab is part of a Dominant Category. A Complementary category requires a customer to likely love the rest of your offering as well as the Complementary category.

Complementary categories are perfect for events, as outlined above from Reininger Winery (click here). Complementary categories lend themselves to "reasons" that the customer should buy something. Cabs or Merlots are always available, they're everywhere. But the Complementary category? That's for special events ... so you create an event to support the Complementary category, and in the process the customer becomes more loyal, spilling money into other categories. 

Your Customer Development efforts thrive when you properly market Complementary categories.

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