March 09, 2022

Brand Stages

You have the merchandise - that's the most important stage. If you get your merchandise right, everything else is much easier.

You have brand presentation - this is a lost art. Think of what Progressive does with their TV commercials. Then think of a 20 second Discovery+ video ad on That's the opposite.

You have marketing channels ... the lowest common denominator of marketing.

Merchandise > Brand Presentation > Marketing Channels.

If you fix your merchandise assortment, your brand presentation works better and your marketing channels work better. You stack benefit upon benefit. This causes profit to significantly increase.

If you fix the Brand Presentation, you've done good work, but you haven't fixed your merchandise assortment. Yes, your marketing channels will work better and you will generate more profit, but if the customer doesn't want widgets you won't solve customer dislike of widgets by focusing on Brand Presentation.

If you fix Marketing Channels, you might earn a promotion within your marketing team. But you haven't fixed your merchandise assortment, and you haven't fixed brand presentation.

Each brand stage requires different employees working together in different ways to achieve a common goal. You are capable of managing each Brand Stage. Go get the job done!

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