January 03, 2022

You Want A Kevin-Approved Omnichannel Marketing Strategy? Ok!

You've seen the Progressive Commercials with Dr. Rick, the parenta-life coach.

In fact, Progressive created a whole world for him. Mini-documentaries, thirty-second helpful hints, and they even wrote a book for him that you can download for free on Amazon, titled "Dr. Rick Will See You Now".

Try something creative. Yeah, I know, the odds of it working are not great. But instead of arguing about costs going up on Facebook and Google, why not argue about doing something unique and different?

P.S.: This is the point in the discussion where a reader emails me and says "Great content, but this time I disagree with you, I'm a State Farm customer and nothing Progressive does will cause me to change. And it isn't in good taste to make fun of a 35 year old who admires well-crafted sandwich slices in the deli section of a store while shopping for a tailgate party at a football game. Wasted marketing dollars. But you go on preaching." I hear you. I'm just asking you to re-introduce the creative team to the direction your brand is heading in. The creative team has been optimized out of the business over the past 15 years. It's time to re-introduce them to your core business.

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