January 04, 2022

Jimmy Johns and Spotify

Yesterday I mentioned the concept of "Loyalty Communication". 

Loyalty Communication is different than a Loyalty Program. This isn't about telling a customer they get 40% off today only (and then next week they again get 40% off today only), and it's not about telling the customer that today is "triple points day".

Instead, you are communicating to the customer what the customer did. It's about the customer.

Like Jimmy Johns telling you what your year looked like eating their subs.

Or Spotify telling you what your year looked like.

By the way, I'd have never guessed this, but my most listened to song of 2021 was the 2020 pop hit "Supalonely". Go figure. And I never would have guessed my day to order subs was for lunch on Wednesday.

Do some things for customers who are caught between a first purchase and loyal status. You can spend minimal money and yet be creative about how you make the customer experience about the customer.

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