October 27, 2021


Social Media.

Take out all of the horrific political nonsense, demeaning of human beings from burner accounts, and screaming about individual rights vs. vaccines and you are left with the pundits demanding that you "engage" your audience, whatever that means.

Unless you can prove that engagement leads to increased profit (and you can - customers who click through 2 email campaigns or more per year are almost always more valuable from a profit standpoint), social media "strategy" is kind of whatever you want it to be.

Which brings us to Steak-Umms.

Read this tweet and then read the responses if you are an advocate of "engagement".

In fact, read all of the stuff they talk about.

I know, I know, your company is unique and special, so you couldn't possibly interrupt "WE HAVE BLOUSES AT 50% OFF - TODAY ONLY" with any of the whimsy offered by Steak-Umm.

A CEO recently told me that his 62 year old customer isn't on Instagram so there is no reason to have a credible social media strategy. That might be true. Or, it might not be true. Imagine a future where it might not be true and then go create that future.

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