October 20, 2021

Amazon Gets Some Paper

This is for catalog brands ... if that's not you, please read the other post I wrote today.

By now your paper rep isn't returning your calls. Your November 10 mailing is in jeopardy. The inventory you were able to get your hands on, however limited, is about to become liquidations material if you don't get catalogs out the door.

Meanwhile ... Amazon:

Yeah, that's the Amazon catalog I received today.

Amazon. I doubt their circulation was 122,000. They sent out 100 pages to millions of customers. Ready, set, play.

Ask your paper rep ... that "trusted partner" that you prioritize over your own employees (think of the $$$ your paper rep gets from your business vs. your own employees) ... ask that person why Amazon is sending out 100 pages while your Christmas season is in jeopardy because they don't have paper for you ... paper you committed to nine months ago?

You are being taken advantage of by your "trusted partners".

I'm tired of you being taken advantage of by your trusted partners. I'm exasperated. Enough is enough.

Are you tired of it?

If the answer is "yes", what are you going to do about it?

If the answer is "no", what does that say about your company?

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