September 01, 2021

Labor Day Weekend

I always view summer as a pair of bookends, one on Memorial Day Weekend, one on Labor Day Weekend. To me, late May is filled with optimism. Early September is an end, and I'm not a fan of endings.

You go to work every day (or you endure six hours of work-based video conferences while juggling the roofer that came to stop a leak) trying to stop or delay the end of the business you work for. If you work in retail, you know darn well what forces are trying to end your business. if you work in e-commerce, you know that Amazon accounts for 40% to 50% of e-commerce, an existential threat designed to end your business. Catalogers lost control of their business this Fall when the paper and printing industry couldn't obtain ... paper.

Take the weekend off, Lord knows you've earned it. You do not belong to a "996" work culture (click here).

But when you come back to work next week, remember that it is your job to delay the end of your business as long as you can. Regardless whether you work for Sears or Whoop, your job is the same. The trajectory of your mission is all that is different. Regardless, your work is important.

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