September 06, 2021

Class Of

For many of you, your Fall assortment is about to be unveiled.

You have new items being introduced this Fall, assuming they aren't sitting on a ship somewhere in the Pacific.

I wrote at length about some of the analytics behind each merchandise class (click here). If you want successful marketing efforts tomorrow, you have to have successful new product classes today.

One of the hidden problems of the "COVID-bump" has been new merchandise ... specifically, Google changed the trajectory of e-commerce brands by pushing traffic via existing merchandise. While sales jumped for about a year, sales of new merchandise generally didn't jump. This is going to cause problems downstream, especially if sales recede to 2019 levels.

Marketers can help their merchant partners out. Use your email marketing campaigns to feature new merchandise. Give your merchandising partners every opportunity to succeed. The future of your brand might depend upon it.

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