June 07, 2021

They're Phoning It In!

Here's an example of a Time Lapse Analysis of share of orders via the phone. Tell me what you observe:

Phone orders are a phenomenon among catalog brands. Customers thumb through the catalog and then call the contact center, where somebody guides the customer through the ordering process. Yeah, I know, you're busy taking 85% of your orders via a mobile device ... but in the catalog world there are brands (like this one) where 26% of orders from BEST CUSTOMERS come in via the call center (while 3% of orders from marginal customers come in via the call center).

You read content from pundits and you just shake your head ... the pundits are suggesting that Mabel from Rutland should abandon using her land line and just place the order on her mobile device. Alright.

The trap of the previously successful brand is that the BEST CUSTOMERS are the ones that hold the brand back. They don't want to change. They won't change. Their legacy behaviors and legacy merchandise preferences cause your entire brand to become stuck.

From a Customer Development standpoint, you need to employ two different strategies.

  1. One strategy for the old-school customer base who won't change.
  2. One strategy for the future of your brand.
Most of your legacy best customers are unlikely to embrace the future of your brand. It's up to you to thread the needle on this topic.

P.S.: If you want to follow where a drop of rain ultimately ends up, click here. I'm fond of following anything in the Snake River.

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