June 27, 2021

Increase Unsubscribes

Marketers live in a constant state of fear. If customers/prospects unsubscribe from your 6x/week email blasts that always offer 40% off or 50% off or 60% off, somebody gets mad ... "WHAT DID YOU SCREW UP TO CAUSE THAT? FIX IT!"

A few weeks ago I wrote a post telling you that the Salad Days were over (click here). We're in a spot now where the COVID-bump is winding down for many(most) e-commerce brands. We aren't going back to normal, but we are moving on to something new.

The next morning I check my email and here's what I observe:

I had more unsubscribes from that post ... a post telling you what is coming and telling you to think mathematically about the challenge and what it means to your business ... than any other post this year. People were so offended they said "THAT'S IT, I'M OUTTA HERE!"


Good riddance.

Our community doesn't need people who are offended by the prospect of a sales decline caused by the resumption of civilization following a global pandemic.

And you don't need to worry if somebody doesn't want to receive your 6x/week missives about the promotions you are offering. Let them go. Let them buy from Macy's or any other brand that doesn't want to be profitable.

You don't want large quantities of subscribers. 

You want the right subscribers.

You already know this. Your Customer Development Executive constantly harps on what the ideal customer is, right?

So don't worry when some of your customers walk away. 

Worry when the ideal customer walks away.

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