April 20, 2021

Strip Mall Office, Customer Development Brilliance

Consultants visit sprawling, modern corporate campuses (pre-COVID). Sometimes we stumble upon beautiful little gems. Other times? Well, you enter a run-down strip mall and your expectations for greatness are reduced. That assumption, my friends, would be a mistake.

This company was a Customer Development powerhouse!

They had unique products for prospects.

Special discounts if a customer purchased for the second time within a few days of receiving a first order.

Marketplace programs with products that cannot be bought via the website.

A subscription-based replenishment program.

A loyalty program with unique product bundles.

Special surprise perks for the absolute best customers.

Customer metrics that you would die for.

In other words, this company was brilliant at Customer Development.

You, too, can be brilliant at Customer Development. As we emerge from COVID into a somewhat vaccinated world, many of you will have an absolute glut of customers that you need to develop. Do not let these customers lapse into oblivion!!

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